Harassment in the workplace

Unfortunately, in any situation in any place, you will always find bullies.

Bullies feed off reactions from their victims. They practice their bullying from childhood – all bullies have been taught their techniques from their caregivers or other older people in their families. They are experts.

We can’t change bullies. They are usually narcissists. The best revenge you can have on a narcissist is not to care. Why am I caring? Why do I react when I know the person is unfair and their behavior unacceptable?

The bully is sensing insecurity. Our insecurities usually come from early childhood shame. When was the first time that you felt “not good enough?” What age? If you had difficulties in childhood – check out Complex PTSD.

If you are lucky, this may have only happened when you entered the workplace. Perhaps you had a good childhood and are unprepared for people who are so mean.

Perhaps it’s more than that. Some men will use these bullying tactics as a form of sexual assault.

Explore all the options. Seek counselling. If you are being attacked, this is a serious cause for concern.

Stress causes 70% of chronic disease and early death. Use every technique you can to calm your body and your mind so that you can appear immune to the threat.

Take care.


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