What is pre-menopause and menopause

Pre-menopause is a time period of hormone change where estrogen is going up and your body feels this stress. It can even start as early as your late thirties.

It is a common cause of fatigue. And stress on your body. Your periods can change and become very heavy, but eventually they should slow down. You should see your doctor if your periods are very heavy as you may need testing.

As time goes by, your periods will get less and less. This is known as peri-menopause.

Once you have missed your period for a year, this means you are now post-menopausal – or in menopause.

If you have a period or spotting – brown discharge – any time after you have missed your periods for a year, you MUST go and see your doctor.

Many changes occur around this time period of your life. With a drop in estrogen, your tissues in your body become thinner. You lose collagen – Hmmmm that’s when we start to see our wrinkles – I love my wrinkles – I love getting older.

With the loss in tissue, and years of gravity, you could notice bladder leakage. Again consult your doctor. Avoid coffee and tea with caffeine and chocolates which have caffeine. You can have coffee – but then choose between leaking and coffee. Your choice. Herbal teas are great for your body. Trial and error. Find what works for you. Remember if you drink more than two cups of coffee a day, don’t stop suddenly as it is also a drug and can cause a withdrawal headache.

Also, many women rush when they go to the toilet. Spend a little extra time and make sure your bladder is empty. You will be surprised. And go to the toilet often to empty your bladder.

Some doctors prescribe topical estrogen. You can also use products that are natural to lubricate your vagina. Avoid shampoos around the area – use a wet facecloth in the shower between your legs, when you are shampooing your hair.

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