Next Steps

Learning new steps are hard. Sometimes believing something will work when it takes a long time to see results is even harder.

When the body is in a state of alarm because of pain, the way forward is to send information to the alarm system (the limbic system) that you are not in danger. This will help lower inflammation and change the nervous system. Eventually.

Step 2 is the most important step. Master it, and you will lower inflammation.

If you have back pain almost all day long, do the fascia stretch written in blue above the sloppy push exercise. When the pain is less, then you can gently move to sloppy push ups until all you need to do are ten repetitions in the morning and ten at night.

If you only have pain standing or lying down or stretching back, then try these exercises: Pattern 2 Back Pain

Or you could try Recovery Poses.

Understanding pain is not always possible – scientists are still struggling to truly understand why some people have more pain than others – but there are videos here that can help – learning about fascia, the nervous system, the limbic system and inflammation can help. Guide to Pain.