Coping With COVID-19

Hello Readers

I hope you are all managing in these difficult times. There is a huge amount of information out there and we are being bombarded with negative messaging. Please monitor your screen time carefully. Restrict time spent following COVID news by following only reliable sources, and then for a limited time. Turn to the comedy channel or find movies or posts that make you laugh. Better yet, turn off the computer and telly for long periods.

I have added a few links to this post today that I hope may be helpful to some of you. For those new to the site, my Daily Program provides the basic tools for anxiety and, further down the page, overwhelming stress. 

There are blessings we can count, but they can be mixed. Spending time with your children is difficult if you are working from home. Here is a link with some advice on how to manage COVID issues when you have children. 

COVID-19 Parenting Tips

If you live in BC, check out Self-Management BC. They have opened their telephone coaching again. You could also try the Pain Support Line from PainBC. 1844-880-PAIN (7246)

Below is a free on-line program to help cope with anxiety and stress. 

Please share uplifting posts, not negative posts. We can find those without any help. Feel free to share on my twitter – @judy_doc_author or Facebook 

This is a time where we can test ourselves. Our capacity for compassion. Please take care of yourselves and each other.    All the best      Judy

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