COVID19 causing anxiety

As we turn to our neighbours, not only locally, but globally, we are facing the challenge to approach a global crisis with grace and compassion. It is hard to think of others when we feel anxious and a pandemic is certainly a good reason to be anxious. 

There is more than enough news on the Corona virus, and almost all the news is negative. This virus will impact the health of many. Place risks on our loved ones and ourselves. It has already affected the economy. This is a cause for anxiety and could make an already difficult situation worse.   

Much of what is happening is out of our control, but we can make a difference by acting responsibly and calmly. Stay informed by reading reliable media sites. Your local CDC is the most reliable source. Avoid fear mongers. There are those out there eager to profit from our fear.

Call your public health office or hospital if you suspect you have symptoms. Call your doctor and report symptoms before coming to the office. Many doctors will make telephone consultations. In Canada, our government is supporting doctors to enable us to help our patients stay safe. 

Wash your hands and use sanitizer. Keep your distance from others. Report symptoms safely. 

And meanwhile try my Daily Program to help calm your Limbic System

Stay safe. Be calm. Be compassionate. With Love and Compassion. Judy. 

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