My acute pain has become Chronic. Now What?

Injury from trauma, repetitive injury, even arthritis flares ups cause acute pain. 

If you are susceptible, you can develop a chronic pain problem. Why? Perhaps the acute pain wasn’t properly treated. Acute pain needs rest, ice, sometimes anti-inflammatories, and, if it hasn’t improved in a couple of weeks, physiotherapy or massage, even accupunture has been shown to help. Have you tried these?

Let’s say you’ve tried these, and your pain is not getting better. Now what? 

You could be having an inflammatory load. What causes inflammation – more trauma, poor posture, incorrect breathing (Step 2), any stress – physical or emotional adds to your inflammatory burden. Pain itself is a stress. Double whammy. Calm the pain and calm the Limbic system. Lower the inflammation threshold. 

Calm the Limbic system by up- regulation – things like Qi-Gong on my Daily program. If that isn’t enough – try low dose antidepressants – they work very well for chronic pain. Amitryptaline has horrible initial side effects but helps for chronic pain and fibromyalgia, even cancer pain. 

Good Luck. 


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