Not psychosomatic pain

When no problem has been found on CT scans or Xrays or blood tests, it does NOT mean you have psychosomatic pain. The pain is physical.

Yes – anxiety can cause inflammation – anxiety and stress makes everything worse – but it is not psychosomatic. Many people have pain for no known reason. Just because your physician can’t exactly point to your source of pain, doesn’t mean it’s in your head.

Many of my patients have vague auto-immune disease – not classified – YET. I think in years to come, we will discover more.

For now – Do NOT call your pain psychosomatic. It is somatic – in the body. The Psyche can make it worse, but it is a physical problem. Inflammation usually – and needs to be addressed accordingly.

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And Step 3

Breathing helps to calm inflammation and low impact exercise and stretching.

Doctors unfortunately have helped drive this SHAME narrative, sometimes, by making patients feel it’s all in their head or making them feel they shouldn’t need pain meds.



1 thought on “Not psychosomatic pain

  1. Shawn L. Bird

    My pain is definitely all in my head.

    Damned TBI.

    Someday, I hope to escape fog, headaches, eye pain, and ear ringing. Improvement is slow, but it is measurable. It’s not constant any more, at least.


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