The Dangers of Trauma

I read a post this morning that upset me and I shared it on my Facebook page. I’ll share my response below.

Trauma, physical and mental, leads to maladaptive coping. Childhood trauma leads to children adopting tools of survival that may work when they’re small, and they often do, but when we’re older, these tools can cause damage. One survival tool is to grow up believing you are superior. Reality will come at you to show you that you have failings, but a narcissist will deny reality. They will twist and turn and back away and attack and do anything to prove to themselves and others that they are superior. This is called narcissism.

A narcissist is very toxic and they are often found in positions of power. People who are traumatized, can often not think clearly and traumatized individuals will follow a narcissist because they spread messages of empowerment. They make people feel safe and powerful even as they spread havoc.

While the rest of the world seeks unity, fighting a common cause, a narcissist will seek to blame others. Anything to detract from the damage he has done ignoring the warnings of WHO, forcing their hand, and then blaming them, while all the time he spreads medical disinformation that risks the lives of hundreds of thousands. This is a time for us to see past old stereotypes, to see past old prejudices, to see past indoctrinations and hate. How sad that the fate of so many people lie in the hands of a severely damaged man and that people who are damaged themselves by years of false teaching, false reasoning, are following him. It is now a time to awake to past untruths. Fear not the differences in culture, the colour of our skins, fear not our different orientations, the different ways we love and live, fear only ignorance.

Fear the person who spreads hate and unkindness. Fear the person who seeks to blame others. When you feel bad about yourself in the presence of another person, consider whether that person has narcissist tendencies. If you are in the presence of a person who tries to make you feel bad about others, consider if that person is a narcissist. 

Spread love and compassion and please consider words. 

Regards   Judy

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