Calming the Pain / Alarm Center of the Brain

headaches, migraines, chest wall pain, abdominal pain, back pain, and so on, can all be forms of chronic pain syndromes. 

The pain center in the brain is the thalamus – and your emotional center and memory center all feed information to this area. It is really a primitive part of the brain and with chronic pain the alarm center is overactive.

meditation changes your brain waves from Beta brain waves to alpha and theta brain waves. Alpha and theta brain waves calm your fight flight freeze (fright) brain center, helping to lower the alarm. 

meditation does not mean that you are thinking of nothing. Focus on your breathing and every time your mind shifts, as it will, gently bring it back to focus on the breath. 

You may have to do this every few seconds until you get the hang of it. Check out the help section and sleep disorder section on the main menu to find cool meditation tapes. 

Turn your ipad or iphone face down as light from the screen interferes with sleep. Never use your iphone, ipad or laptap late at night – at least 2 hours from sleep time. 

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