Avoiding behaviors

Many people have suffered trauma in their childhood.

Often – growing up – we’ve been bullied. When we have suffered from verbal abuse and bullying – our power is taken from us, especially if that has happened in our own home. When your home is not safe, you are at high risks of developing PTSD 

Unfortunately these memories that are that traumatic are not in the past. Your brain relives them in the present. You could even be reliving that trauma subconsciously over and over again. It may come out in stressful dreams – nightmares 

It is very hard to take action when you feel your power has been taken away from you. 

The first step to taking back your power is to take ownership of what has happened to you. You need to understand that it is not your fault. Many people have a low sense of self-worth and feel they are to blame for their situation. When you have been abused this is a common feeling. 

When you have been traumatized – bullied – verbal abuse – it is years of your brain being trained to think you are not worth much. So step one to brain training would be, I think, to recognize that you are not the person that made you sick.

Letting go is hard. Many people feel guilty that they are not able to do more in helping themselves. Remember your brain can be severely damaged through trauma and make it hard to cope with internal change. 

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