On a personal note – thank you twitter community

Thank you all for such wonderful feedback. 

I am a family physician of over 30 years. I have a special interest in chronic pain of all sorts, physical and psychic. All the opinions are my own and I don’t necessarily agree with every opinion in the You-Tube videos but I do believe that there are almost as many solutions out there as there are chronic pain patients. 

When I refer to doctors here I refer to health care providers.

My patients have taught me that openness is the true path to healing. But it’s really very hard to be open when you live in a cocoon of pain and your brain is occupied with trying to survive the relentless onslaught of noxious stimuli. 

Most doctors are like me. We have never experienced chronic pain. It’s hard to imagine if you haven’t experienced it. 

How can you help yourself to reach your doctor? It seems unfair, but really I think the solution is in your hands. You can be the master of your own ship. I believe doctors are there to help people in pain come up with their own plan – within reason. The more information we give doctors, the more likely they are going to be able to help you.

I would suggest you go to THE MAIN MENU – Health Professionals – have a look at the different forms available. Search MD Tools and Resources – great tools. You can complete forms and print them and hand them to your doc. Keep a copy for yourself to track your progress. 

All medications carry risks of adverse reactions. But the dangers can be minimized with careful communication. What I discovered myself, is that  in some people anxiety causes aggression and this sets up huge barriers. Pain causes stress and stress is increased when a person feels they have no control over their own situation. 

When you are in pain, your limbic system is in overdrive. Check out my PTSD section if you like – I try to explain it there. Severe stress causes activation of the limbic center – pain, emotion and memory centres and on PET scanning, the left side of the brain shuts down. Chronic pain causes severe stress. The “alarm system” won’t shut down. Many times the Broca area of the brain – also on the left side – dims down – this is responsible for speech expression. 

I ask my patients to bring family members to pain meetings. They – along with forms – can help tell the story. 

Chat later. Be sure to give me heck if you think I am on the wrong track 

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