Why does my vagina itch? Or my prostate get irritable?

Check with your health care provider.  Once any serious problem has been excluded, consider inflammation as the cause of itch or pain.

Check out Frequent Urination / Painful Bladder

Lichen sclerosis is an inflammatory disorder of the vulva and requires anti-inflammatory treatment until it calms down. Some people require this for the rest of their lives. This is the one time we are happy to use lots of topical steroids. Be sure to use it to calm your body down.

Prostate symptoms are pretty awful and see the link above.

The cure ? I find that the better my patients breathe and the less their anxiety or inflammation – the faster they heal. There is no medicine that cures these conditions. They only help improve it while you use the medication.

Inflammation can come from incorrect diet, too much sugar, intolerance to food, autoimmune disease and many more that need to be excluded by your health care provider.

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