Panic attacks? Overwhelmed

When in a panic mode or overwhelmed, it feels almost impossible to calm down or stop your racing circular thoughts. Your sympathetic system is in overdrive and the body wants to fight, flee, or freeze. These tools can help.

Sit with your head forward, and, without moving your head, move your eyes from one side of to the other. If you are in a room, focus on the ceiling corners, from one side to the other. If you are outside, look up and to each side as far as your eyes will go, left to right.

You can place a hand on your belly and one on your heart while doing this. Notice your breath. Don’t try to control it, just notice. Notice your body and all the sensations in your body.

This is a technique from EMDR therapy.

Try the 5 point Grounding Technique. It works better if you say the objects out loud.

5 – look around and if possible say out loud 5 things you can see

4 – listen for 4 things you can hear – say out loud again if you can

3 – three things you can touch

2 – things you can smell

1 – one thing you taste

Another effective way to relieve stress is by standing and marching with arms vigorously


You can lift your legs – even while sitting – and tap each knee or leg with the opposite hand.

These techniques, and the super brain yoga, help to develop connections between the left logical and the right emotional brain. 

Try a meditation tape or some You Tube videos. 

There are many apps for anxiety. Give them a go.  Try the ones that work for you.

Have a look at the On line resources

Talk to a loved one

Finally – Ride the wave. Know you will feel better again.

Take care