Step 1 Rate your Experience

Before checking your experiences of pain or childhood trauma, please learn the steps to calm your inflammation and stress center, the limbic system – on Ways To Calm Down.

Everyone experiences pain and trauma differently. Forms that rate your pain are a great way to improve communication with your health care provider.

Try the form below or the link Forms relating to Pain

Forms relating to Stress, Depression, Anxiety.

Your Childhood Experiences affect your life. If you feel in a safe place, Try completing this Form. I would suggest you discuss adverse child events scores with your doctor or health care provider before completing the form as it could trigger bad memories or even flashbacks. 

Childhood Experiences Form

Rate your Adult Trauma

Trauma affects Chronic Pain by affecting the Limbic System.

Complete this form – the higher your score the more likely you are to suffer with physical and mental ill health. I believe the mostly negative news and social media exposes us to far more trauma than our ancestors.  Adult Trauma Score

When completing rating forms, you could be triggered. Please make sure that you have been cleared by your healthcare provider before completing these forms. 

Neurodivergence is often missed. Here is a test to see if you may be on the spectrum. Possible Spectrum Disorders.

Below is a very brief pain inventory:

Rate your how bad your pain feels to you. Everybody’s pain is different. Record how you experience your pain and improve communication with your health care providers. Click the number next to how you feel.

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Use the print icon below to print it and share with your doctor.