Step 4 Understanding Pain

Understanding Pain is vital to pain management. Take the time to learn about pain. These videos offer an understanding of pain and are worth watching all the way through to the end. Some information is repeated, but there is new information on each video. 

Pain is not all in your head. The above video explains acute pain.

Why do some people develop chronic pain?

There are more ways to injure your body than stepping on a nail or picking a fight with someone who is bigger than you are. Even sitting on the sofa produces pain. If you sit for more than twenty minutes, muscles in your body send messages to your brain warning your brain of danger. For the lucky 70% of us, these messages are ignored by the brain. If your alarm system is set too high, you can feel even the smallest amount of pain. 

Chronic Pain overwhelms the brain and causes severe stress, fatigue and brain fog. 

Chronic pain is a disease, not a symptom.

Here is another explanation of chronic pain. 

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