Group Visit 1


Acknowledge on unceded territories (Lhtako Dene Nations)

Each person please confirm pledge to uphold confidentiality – nothing shared from this meeting apart from links given.

Goals of each person discussed: 1.Myself: Developing a program with the help of the team that can be used for larger groups.

2. Sharing and learning how to use tools other than medicine when pain severe or when having bad days.

3. Share experiences and learn about CP.

4. Seeking solutions together.


What is causing my CP?

Why can’t HC providers do a better job?

How much worse will my pain get?

Will it ever go away?

Explore CP and my responses with curiosity not judgement, especially not self-judgement. No failures. Setbacks are learning experiences. 

Explain Pain – use own stories – mine person lost a leg on a train track. Shark attacks victims unaware of trauma until they see it.

Neuroplasticity video on Step 4 – 3rd video. 

Introduced Flow Chart  MASeD 

  1. Mindfulness through grounding 5-4-3-2-1
  2. Air – breath – ventral vagal breath: explain why Xal breath. FFF and how shuts down brain/gut/kidneys – vasoconstriction.
  3. Soothing or energizing techniques
  4. Distance – techniques to allow distance from alarm brain

SHAME – discussed.

  1. Nobody can see pain experience.
  2. No scars.
  3. Walking with a cane.
  4. Sitting for a long time then disability more noticeable when standing – body screaming.
  5. Struggle with people not believing symptoms.
  6. Worse when there is a room full of people.
  7. Comparing to others.
  8. Wondering what I didn’t do right or what action I haven’t taken.

Shared – Bed Yoga on You Tube – Tension release exercises.

Small Steps:

  1. Ventral Vagal Breath – mastering
  2. 5-4-3-2-1- grounding at least 10 times a day.

Follow up in a week.