The New Me

Change can be very difficult. Here are some random tips.

It’s a dangerous place when you start to see people and yourself for who you are.
Protect yourself.
Don’t go chasing windmills. Choose only the battles you know you can win.
Step away from the rest.
Be comfortable with saying no!
Step back from situations – think of yourself as a journalist – how would I report the situation
Notice your body – where are you feeling the tension
When people are being negative = do the 5 grounding technique
Practice using the body to calm the mind

Be curious – not judgmental – about yourself and others.
You may come across as a little standoffish when you are backing off, but you are protecting yourself.

When you use your voice, and this is perhaps new to you, criticizing other people, you may come off to others as rude because they are used to you being a people pleaser and not rocking the boat.

Balance – PEOPLE PLEASERS have a very difficult life. Now is the time to put yourself first

Where should I spend my energy – Do I want to spend my energy worrying about what others think of me?

Emotions too intense to tolerate? Usually you have been triggered. 

When the reaction is overboard or out of proportion to the situation, perhaps you have been triggered. 

Take care


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