Alberta Pain Conference 2020 Pain Research Networks

I have summarized the wonderful talk by Dr. Norm Buckley. Please call me on any misrepresentations so I can correct them.

Dr. Norm Buckley introduced the partners in the Chronic Pain Network and the work they are doing. It is the first research network dedicated to pain in Canada. Speaking about the opioid crisis, he says, “We realize we missed the boat”. So refreshing – Health Canada approaching the opioid health crisis differently.

It is the first time the government is recognizing pain as a priority, starting the Canadian Pain Task Force.

First time CIHR has really invested in pain research. $12.5million over 5 years plus matching funds of $24million.

A dedicated group of researchers trying to grapple the very difficult problem of chronic pain in a setting of millions of patients suffering from undertreatment of pain.

Veterans face a significant problem related to their service. They have established a life after service study. Veterans have worse health on average than other Canadians. They have worse pain. 50% of female veterans have chronic pain.

They have 3 research institutions that are working to reduce the impact of military service on health. They are even researching Cannabis – Veteran’s Canada reimburses the use of cannabis for veterans. Also PTSD and chronic pain. Measuring 7 key measures of well-being. Intergenerational – transgenerational impact of pain.

Patients are being heard! Pain has become a priority. Very Exciting. Hooray Canada!


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