Corona Virus COVID-19

I have just received an update from the College of Physicians and Surgeons BC on COVID-19 and thought I’d share some of it with you. Thank you Dr. Bonnie Henry.

There are 7 confirmed cases in BC. There are concerns the outbreak may be labelled a pandemic if it continues to spread globally, but Hubei Province in China still has the highest number of infections. Canada has travel advisors to China, Hong Kong, Iran, Northern Italy and South Korea, but this may change.

Here are some tips to minimize your risks if you are going to a doctor’s office:

Keep about two metres from any sick looking people. Try to wait until the last minute before your appointment to enter the doctor’s office. Warn staff if you have respiratory symptoms so that they can immediately isolate you in another room. Although masks may not be overly helpful, it won’t harm you to wear one. Use the alcohol sanitizers in the doctor’s office or bring your own and wipe down the armrests of chairs with an alcohol wipe.

Don’t let your children play with soft toys. Don’t read the magazines in the office. Keep a seat between you and other patients.

Check out Public Health Agency of Canada.

This is a stressful topic and anxiety makes any situation worse. In times of crisis, it is easy to shift blame and lose our sense of compassion. One of my lovely patients mentioned how concerned she was that she felt she was becoming racist. How great it was that she noticed these feelings. It is so easy to play the blame card. Adversity can bring out the worst or the best in us. Please be respectful and remember that this is an infection and can happen in any country. It is not the fault of a people. 

We did get on to discuss the relative dangers of death from COVID-19. It is dangerous to people who have a compromised immune system, and people with severe chronic pain do have a slightly compromised immune systems. Please be careful. Avoid toxins which stress your body even more – Processed food, sugar, alcohol, smoking, stress (ha ha – good luck with that), potentially harmful medications like anti-inflammatories (always use sparingly or never unless indicated otherwise by your doctor). Exercise boosts your immune system but go slowly if you are unfit. 

All the best. Be safe.  Judy

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