2020 Onward Ho

Happy New Year Bloggers

I believe confession is supposed to be good for the soul – and I intend to start 2020 with a snowy white one.

In no particular order of dastardly thoughts and deeds:

  1. I confess a newfound hate for snow. There’s too much of the white stuff. And it’s too heavy. And too wet. And it’s especially heavy when it’s wet. It gets into nasty corners and spaces that refuse access to the snowblower.  I thought snowblowers were supposed to be less work than shovelling. Why do the machines have to be so heavy? And ornery!  Turning a corner should NOT be this hard.  What else is hard is shovelling. In particular, shovelling wet, heavy, too much snow. Snow fun. Blame the bad pun of pure exhaustion.  Exhaustion because, as if pushing snow isn’t hard enough, try tossing the stuff. It sticks to the curved blade of the shovel with Godzilla like paws – sticky ones.  Which leads me to sin number 2.

2. I have taken hubby for granted. One rotator cuff tear and back sprain later and I’m left with snow duties. And furnace duties. How come logs are lighter than snow? Especially wet snow? In summer I’m going to find the skeletal remains of a couple of gloves in layers of ash in the belly of the beast. Ever tried tossing a log into the gaping maw of a fiery furnace with a glove a couple of sizes too large? (Hubby’s gloves of course – I wonder when he’ll notice he has only two right sides left?)  Perhaps they committed suicide because of all my nagging? Or was it the cursing that had them clinging desperately to the logs as I tossed them into the furnace? Logs which then have to be manipulated from the front to the middle of the burning pile. Not an easy task and one that always leaves me wtih singed eyebrows and a smoker’s cough.

Singed eyebrows and carbon coated lungs cannot be healthy! I know that because I’m a doctor.  A rather peeved off exhausted doctor but a doctor nevertheless. When I’m not clearing snow and feeding a ravenous fire.

What I also know is that I’ve taken seventeen years of snow duty uttterly and completely for granted.  Sorry honey. Please get better quickly. Check out Types of Pain – shoulder and back – puleese.  Pretty puleese with a frozen popsicle on top.

3. I should confess to all my other sins, but there are too many to recount and with my addled brain, too many to recall. One good thing out of a year started with hopelessly too much physical labour, is that it’s helped me keep two resolutions: get more exercise – check. AND work on increasing your understanding of chronic pain – check (nothing helps a person understand pain more than actually experiencing it).

So good luck to all of us stuck in the snow. May we learn to mindfully meditate while shifting the stuff.

And, on a more serious note, I wish you all the best for 2020. I hope it brings you peace and joy.


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