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This has been a very busy month. I am enjoying my self indulging in a writing course at SFU and have found a wonderful group of fellow writers. My mentor is Jen Sookfong Lee who is a brilliant author. Very exciting. I hope it will improve my writing for the website too. Creative work is an excellent way to manage stress. Of course I am now sitting here writing from 4am which is not exactly health – too much creative energy is also not good. Darn Judy – looks like I’m going to have to try my Yoga Nidra sleep meditation. 

I am presenting my website at a provincial conference webinar – hooray. wish me luck. I have some Case Scenarios I’ve worked out – feel free to comment on Contact if you like. 

Website has received a bit of a makeover in spots – Check out:

Improve Pain where to Start

Also to Anxiety and depression and Stress Anxiety PTSD

Also added a new page – link to Articles.

I would appreciate any links you would like to share

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