A Society in Crisis?

I keep wondering why I see the amount of physical and mental pain day in and day out. I speak about a chronic pain crisis but watching the news I feel sometimes that we are a society in crisis.

More and more I believe it is because we are exposed to trauma and our bodies register the trauma, even if our brains don’t. Trauma specialists talk about how we can intellectually ignore the trauma, brush it off, keep ourselves busy with our own inner thoughts and outer daily problems. But our bodies take note without us realizing it.

We now realize that a vital part of the brain registers the trauma, and this affects our bodies. This part of the brain is called the limbic system. The more trauma you have, and that includes chronic pain, the more your limbic system will be activated. To see just how much trauma your body has experience, complete the trauma score. The highest number is 85 and the lowest zero. Adult Trauma Score

If you are under constant threat – trauma makes your body feel it is under threat – you can’t think clearly. I think this accounts for many of our problems today.

People in power take advantage of our inability to think clearly. If we are to have a healthy society, we need to start with ourselves, then our families, then our communities.

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