Adverse Child Events Summit Vancouver 2019

What a wonderful conference!

We are at the cusp of a change in medicine. Finally the importance of stress on health is being approached in a meaningful way.

If you have an a.c.e. score higher than or equal to 6 your life expectancy drops by two decades. I have an a.c.e. of 6. But there is hope. We now have the means to change our stories. We can work as communities to help each other, network on social media and in person to help each other find our own personal healing paths.

Share your stories if you like. Thank you to those who send your kind comments about the website and to TY for sharing your story – How you use a timer so that you stretch and move frequently. Ty finds healing in mother nature – grounding – fantastic – and she does many activities she loves and experts agree that finding something you love helps you move. Mind you – writing has been making me move less so I’d better hang up now and follow my own and TY’s advice.

Have a great weekend. Sun all over the province this weekend .

All the best. Judy

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