Where to start when overwhelmed?

How do we go about helping ourselves in a society that does not have the resources to help us? We live in a dystopian society. That means a society that is ill. Not functioning well. When you are ill, it’s really hard to get well in a sick society. There is not enough time or enough money to get help. Or both.

I see our brains as a society. Some of us have a past that leaves “injured children” in it’s wake. Each time someone or something hurts us, especially when we are children, that hurt leaves a mark – as if the child that needed help, and didn’t get it, remains behind – almost as if that is another “person” in your head. If you don’t like the idea of it being a “child” see it as damage.

Stress can also come from other sources, not just your childhood. The more difficult your childhood, the harder it is to get on top of stress in normal day life. So if you have pain or relationship problems, or problems at work, this stress can become impossible to manage.

Each day we have an opportunity to take the lead – become a manager of our injured children or we can take the lead to manage day to day stress. You can become the manager of your brain. Some of us are stuck in the past – we still see ourselves as teenagers – dress and act as young immature adults. We’ve all seen injured people like this. Hopefully you are in a place where you can start to learn the tools that can make you a leader of the society of injured parties in your head.

This is really hard to do. If possible, seek mental health help. In Canada we are so lucky to have free mental health resources, either at our hospitals, or on line and also in the community – women’s resource centers. If you don’t have the time, you may need medications to help you manage your own mental health.

In order to manage your brain, you need to be as calm as possible. Choose one of the two exercises for the morning and one of two for the night. Adjust according to your own body and your own needs AND LEARN HOW TO BREATHE so that you can heal. Go to the Daily program – last one on the sidebar.

Excellent anxiety tools available http://anxietybc.ca

Depression can be managed at home, if you can’t find help. Download this program for free. Let me know in comment box if links don’t work please as I do this website completly on my own.


Mindfulness if vital to good mental and physical health. Please make sure you have tools to cope with stress – see the ones above and work on them before you can trust your brain to mindfulness:


We often have thoughts that make us more sick. Learning how to think in a way that improves your health can be found on line, for a fee of around $30.00 or so. I have no financial interest in this site.


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