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Good morning from an overcast balmy 7 degree B.C. Spring day. The young un’s are out in force and, only in Canada, already in shorts and T-shirts. I have retired my cosy portable duvet – warmest jacket ever – and hope I won’t have to see if for at least another 6 months.

This weekend I’ve been working on a project to highlight the effect of Stress and Complex PTSD on pain. I’ll attach it below. If you like – comment – critisize – (given up on the spelling) or add suggestions. The conference is in May and hopefully they’ll show the poster. We’ll see. It’s very bright – I like to clash.

Thank you for your kind comments readers. I will share where I can. One kind reader spoke about her story of pain. How regression therapy, meditation and counselling have helped her cope. She requires opioids to manage her pain – and, as long as it is helping keep you productive – that’s great. There is no stigma in requiring medication to help manage our problems. I myself openly share I use antidepressants to help me focus and keep me from lashing out at my long-suffering husband.

Thank you for your compliments. I have and am still, working hard on keeping the website relevant. I am hoping the May 9 conference will give me more tools I can share with you.

All the best


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